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The teacher who is indeed wise does not did you to enter the house of wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind – Kahlil Gibran

National Centre Of Early Childhood Education, NCECE  started in 2006 and was earlier known as Hello Kids Teacher Training Institute,HKTTI.

NCECE is an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified Organization provides services like Pre-Primary School Teacher's Training , Placement and support to different playschool for their day to day activity.
NCECE after its years of exposure to pre-school field has decided to embark on a new form of teacher training in India. It provide the type of training that will enable professionals to have the expertise needed to teach children of all abilities in both mainstream and remedial classrooms.We offer professional development based on the most current, scientifically validated research in child development, learning theory and pedagogy.NCECE feels that is important to edify teachers with new teaching techniques, regulations and developments in the teacher’s training arena.The Pre & Primary Teachers Training course with Specialization in Teaching English is an effort on our part to give teachers an ultimate training program.For the very first time, various educational approaches and themes are brought together into one course to create extraordinary elementary teachers.

The NCECE offers courses and workshops year round for regular and special education teachers, administrators, speech pathologists, psychologists and parents.By offering such quality programs, the NCECE has grown into a nationally recognized training center with over 400 professionals attending our programs each year.

The formative years of a child are the most critical period in his life. Thus, the teachers who aspire to teach kids in this age group should be comprehensively trained in all aspects. Along with various approached like Montessori and Nursery, child psychology is given equal stress in our course component. In the pre-school level, it is extremely necessary to teach kids behavioral habits along with academics. Teaching at this level without a professional training is not feasible. The Pre & Primary Teachers Training by NCECE covers all aspects of teachers training and it also gives emphasis to ‘Teaching English’ to the kids. The combination Specialization in Teaching English with Pre & Primary Teacher’s training is the most unique of the course.


The Mark Of Excellence :

The Quality Management System is in compliance with ISO 9001:2008. Scope of certificate includes Design, Development and Conduct of job oriented and self employed course. ISO 9000 is a series of standards developed by the international organization for standardization, or ISO. These standards define quality for manufacturing and service industries. For an organization to be ISO 9000 certified it must meet the standards of its industry and submit to an exam by an independent auditor.

Quality Policy :

Hello Kids Teacher Training Institute is committed to impart job oriented &self-employment NTT , Montessori and many more vocational courses in conformity to the requirement vis-à-vis sanctity and dignity of education to ensure maintenance of desire standards. We strive for excellence by adopting latest technology for constant improvement in the product and service through Quality Management System, to keep pace with the time.


A proper understanding of children is the best way to understand ourselves and reality around us. Children all over the world possess a miraculous physical and intellectual potential. This was realized and acknowledged only in the last few decades. This new understanding of the child should be passed on to all parents, educationists and other persons interested in children because education from the start of life could really change the present and future society . Knowledge of the child should become the center of our interest and the basis of a new form of education which serves to help human beings to reach a high level of emotional, intellectual and moral integration.

The means that we adopt to achieve this goal, be it the Montessori, Kindergarten or Nursery method, is not the most important consideration. What is more important is that the preschool child, for whom these various methods have been designed, benefits to the maximum, be it from a single method or a combination of the three methods. Having this open-minded, unbiased view, we are giving our teachers a bird's-eye view of all the preschool methods of education.

Our course has been well received not only in India but also many other countries. Many schools have approached us for the teachers and we have found placement for all our trainees.