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  • 1. What is a Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course all about?
    The Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course is meant for the teachers who aspire to teach from Montessori up to Upper KG. This course will make one eligible to cater to both Pre & Primary level of students (between two and twelve age group).
  • 2. Do I get a Diploma certificate?
  • 3. Do I get any help from tutors or teachers?
    Yes, you will get constant help from our trainers. You can contact us through mail, chat or phone. Our trainers will guide you throughout the course and help you at every juncture. But, we also expect serious efforts on the part of our students.
  • 4. Can I teach in a Kindergarten school after doing the course?
    Yes surely you can teach Kindergarten students because it is a part of Pre-school system itself.
  • 5. How much salary can I expect?
    Salary depends on the schools. Salary ranges from Rs 2500 - Rs 20000. If you have previous teaching experience or you did well during the training program and understood the concept properly then sky is the limit.
  • 6. Is it really a Montessori course?
  • 7. Can I also teach in primary level?
    Yes you surely can. You can actually teach from class one to class five which is the age group of seven to eleven.
  • 8. What are the training modes for this program?
    There are two types of training modes:
    • Regular
    • Correspondence
  • 9. What is the difference between Regular and Correspondence modes?
    In Regular mode we arrange the physical classes at our respective study centers and trainees are getting an opportunity to understand the concept and get guidance for each and every step of theory , practical project & On Job Training.
    In Correspondence mode the trainee need to prepare by their own. But NCECE arrange 12-15 classes for trainees to clear the doubt, concept and importance of theory & practical project work. This batch well managed by trainers.
  • 10. Is this Government recognized program?
    This is a recognized program which is accepted in all private & public schools throughout India. After getting certified by NCECE Institute one can teach in India as well as abroad.
  • 11. Do you provide placement assistance also?
    Yes we do give our students 100% placement assistance once the candidates successfully complete the course.
  • 12. What is the duration of the course?
    The course duration varies according to course Type. NCECE provide Regular (1yr/6months/3months) & Correspondence (1yr)
  • 13. How do I do the teaching practice in Correspondence mode?
    We have kept the Teaching Practice (TP) i.e. On Job Training as optional. If you can arrange any school in your locality / city, we will provide you with the recommendation/request letter which will help you in getting permission from the school authority to do teaching practice in their school. Existing teachers can do the Teaching Practice in their own schools.
  • 14. What is a Correspondence learning program?
    Diploma program in Pre & Primary Teacher's Training in Correspondence mode is for those who cannot afford to attend regular classes. This is a self-learning procedure. You can learn at your own time and pace. NCECE also gives one class per month (i.e. 12-15 classes) on Saturday to clear the doubts and guide on theory paper/topics in details along with practical project. More over the distance course also well planned & monitor by management & trainer.
  • 15. Who are eligible?
    Anyone with a 10+ level qualification can apply for Diploma Programs If you are out of school or college, then these programs can offer you a good career option. Existing teachers can also upgrade their teaching skills by pursuing these programs.
  • 16. Is teaching practice mandatory?
    Yes, teaching practice is a mandatory part of the course; it would be a value addition.
  • 17. Is there any exam?
    "Yes, there will be a Final NTT Exam conducted by NCECE and trainee should attained all papers as schedule. Fail student will get one chance to re-write the fail papers."
  • 18. When will I get the certificate?
    NCECE arrange final NTT examination for theory and practical. On successfully completion of course the trainee is awarded the certificate.
  • 19. How important it is to have a teaching qualification to get a job in pre primary schools in India?
    A teaching qualification is a must to find employment in Pre & Primary schools in India. A Montessori or Pre Primary teacher's training certificate is a legal license for the fresher /would-be teachers to apply for teaching posts in pre and primary schools. The employers are in need of qualified and well trained teachers in order to educate the children. Hence it is very important to get certified in teacher's training in order to get jobs easily in the competitive market.
  • 20. Will the schools accept my certificate?
    Private & Public Schools in India and some of abroad will surely accept.
  • 21. Does the course have videos for me to watch?
    Not Yet.
  • 22. Do you help me in job placement?
    Since we are not any sort of a placement agency, we cannot guarantee a job at the end of the course but surely we provide 100% job assistance. Our contacts with placement agencies and schools can help you with useful information on the jobs and vacancies.
  • 23. How do I benefit from this program?
    Quality: Our teacher training program is very user-friendly and visually attractive. The courseware contains both the theory and the practical detail.
    Affordability: If you have researched other Training Centers, you have already discovered that our quality and prices are unparalleled in training industry.
    Success: Hello Kids Teacher Training Institute, (HKTTI), Students after completing the course are well placed in reputed schools
    Demand: Parents today insist that their children’s, childcare environments provide positive, simulative education as part of a balanced program. That is why trained educators are in high demand.
  • 24. How long does it take to complete the program?
    The maximum duration to do the course is one year.
  • 25.Do we feel classroom experience is important?
    We definitely feel that in order for a prospective teacher to be taken seriously, classroom experience is a necessary component to complement our program. For students lacking Montessori / NTT classroom experience, we generally suggest that after they have completed approximately two thirds of our program, it is time to approach a local school(s) and offer your services as a volunteer teacher. This will provide them with valuable and credible practical experience as well as important contacts.
  • 26.How many graduates successfully acquire employment?
    Like graduates from all Montessori / NTT training centers, our graduates are very successful in securing employment. More than 95% of our students are already working in schools.
  • 27.Is your Certificate recognized internationally?
    Yes. Like all Montessori / NTT Certificates, ours is valid internationally. We are independent. Being independent provides us with the freedom to offer the highest quality program possible, without interference. To affiliate ourselves with any of the older, more orthodox organizations would require us to make program compromises, which we will not consider.