Pre and Primary or Young Learners Teachers Training Program India has made great strides in the field of pre and primary education over the past few decades. A lot of attention and time are being devoted to provide quality education to young children as the pre and primary education have a robust and positive impact on future education of the children. Well qualified and adequately trained pre and primary teachers are the need of the hour to ensure the quality of school education. A pre and primary school teacher makes a lot of difference in the lives of the young learners because the teacher is considered to be one of the most important contributing factors in the lives of young learners.

Even the Government is taking a lot of initiatives by opening more and more pre and primary schools across the country. Conditions are being created to inspire and motivate pre and primary teachers so that they can facilitate learning in an effective way. Globalization has also brought forth a lot of changes in the pre and primary educational sector with reputed school chains that are setting up centers in all the major cities. The proliferation of schools for pre and primary levels are being witnessed in smaller towns as well. This is being seen as a giant leap for the pre and primary education in India and this has led to a massive demand of pre and primary teachers who are well trained and should have the commitment to care and nurture sensitive souls and identify the potential in them.